Our Lady Killers curation theme is off to a gr…

Our Lady Killers curation theme is off to a great start at Instagram with two assassins, one knight, one huntress, and a scary group of vampires all showcased. Visit the page to see more!

Featured works: Butterfly Knight by Cassandre Bolan;

Assassin Token by

Zezhou Chen; Vampires!! by

Jodie Muir; Hex by

Nastya-Lehn,  Assassin by

Andrew Domachowski

Our fairy tale curation project is still ongoi…

Our fairy tale curation project is still ongoing at Instagram, and we’ve been fortunate to discover and feature lots of amazing art, such as these illustrations by Katarina Makarova

It’s not too late for you to participate in the theme and suggest fairy tales that you would like to see highlighted or your own work to be showcased. Head on over to our Instagram to see more. ♥

We’re six posts into our curation theme projec…

So far, our curation of fairy tale illustrations have paid homage to the feminist retellings by Angela Carter, waded into the waters of Disney’s new little mermaid, and showcased a somewhat less than picture perfect bride from the Russian folktale “Princess Frog”. Oh, there’s also classic takes on Sleeping Beauty and Snow White that you won’t want to miss. Follow us @instacollectibles and share in the comments what are some of your favorite stories 🙂 

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